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What do we do?

We educate consumers about the value of their life insurance.

87% of permanent life insurance lapses each year. Even more shocking, over 75% of senior-owned permanent life insurance lapses each year.* When life insurance lapses, the insurance company receives a windfall profit and never has to pay a death benefit.

Is that fair? We don't think so. Consumers should be able to unlock a fair cash value if they want to get out of their expensive life insurance contract.

Life settlements are a good way for many seniors to do this - though most have never heard of the option and how it can improve their life. Without the option of a life settlement, purchasing life insurance is like purchasing a house that can never be resold.

We make life settlements better.

But traditional life settlements are hindered with middlemen taking big fees. Ovid reduces transaction costs and speeds up the process by referring you directly to one or more licensed providers. We also offer an abundance of life settlement information for consumers – because you should take selling your life insurance (potentially your largest asset) very seriously.

We help a lot of people.

When someone is looking for a life settlement, they generally find Ovid. In 2020, policy sellers received an average of about 21% of their policy’s face value* in a life settlement payout.