The Definitive Guide to

Life Settlements

You've heard the term before, but it's still a mystery. "Life Settlements". You've read other articles online and heard sales pitches from insurance agents but it's hard to discern the real advice from the false information out there.

We say enough.

We created this guide to be a reliable reference for all aspects of life settlements, whether you're a regular person, financial advisor, or insurance professional. From common concerns and alternatives to valuation modeling and taxation, we aim to provide a holistic view of life settlements.

We warn you - we are passionate about life settlements. Sometimes too passionate... We've made this guide to be as comprehensive as possible so that you walk away with as many of your questions answered as possible (AKA be prepared to spend some time reading, this is not some 500 word blog article).

Best of luck and we hope you find our guide valuable!

Chapter List

Chapter List