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Life settlements can help.

Say goodbye to your old life insurance policy and hello to financial freedom.

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A life settlement unlocks the equity value of your old policy.

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Stop Paying 100% of Your Annual Life Insurance Premiums. Turn your expenses into an asset.

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Get an upfront cash value to help live a better life, pay off debt, or move to the beach.

Cover medical bills

Cover big surgery costs, ongoing medical expenses and retirement communities.

Ask Lynn. She got $180,000 for her $500,000 policy.

Lynn realized her life insurance was getting more and more expensive each year. Her children were grown and financially independent, so there was no need to keep the policy. She read about life settlements and decided to sell her life insurance for cash.

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A licensed life settlement provider will buy your policy. These are financial institutions who specialize in purchasing life insurance policies.

Start by seeing if you qualify by answering a few questions here. If you qualify, we will refer you to a licensed provider who will work directly with you to evaluate your case and potentially make an offer for your life insurance policy.

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No, Ovid is neither a life settlement broker nor a life settlement provider (licensed buyer), and Ovid does not represent the policyholder. If you qualify for a life settlement, Ovid will introduce you to a licensed provider, but otherwise is not involved in the transaction.

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